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Some of Tesigns' Offspring

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Some of Tesigns' Offspring
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Etherton Farms - Home of TESIGN (Deceased) and GOOD TIME N FELLA

Below are some of the foals raised here on Etherton Farms or customer foals. These foals are all sold. Call us if your interested in any foals from our broodmares or maybe we know of something that we can help you with that a customer might have.

LP Integri Te - Mounted Shooting
Owned by Laura Pikup-Clow - Stephen MN


Tesigner Money - Tesign x Mr Joe Glow bred mare raised and owned by Brian Schroeder, Grassy Butte, North Dakota

Whata Fancy Design - Tesign x Impressive Zip Panda

Te N China - Tesign x CRL Evidently Coosa

2000 colt
Evidence of Money - Tesign x CRL Evidently Coosa

Shez Mi Te Impressiv - Tesign x Impressive Zip Panda

A Valentine Design - Tesign x Miss Clay Jack

Anz Tesign - Big Bottom Ranch Appaloosas, LA
Tesign x Miss Speedy Bean - pictured at 3 yrs old

Magic - 1 day old colt - owned by Janne Myrdal
Tesign x Babes Daisy Mae DOB 4/12/02

Filly - Doug & Joanna Starkweather - dob 5/5/02
Tesign x Sheza Lucky Punch - taken 8/26/02
Filly - Doug & JoAnna Starkweather - 5/5/02
Taken 8/26/02 - Tesign x Sheza Lucky Punch

Lucky Tesign - 1999 gelding
Proudly owned by Tracy Janish, Sullivan, MO

Thanks for looking at some of Te's foals!

2002 Foals